Loctite 262 vs 271: What’s the Difference?

Loctite 271 is a lot like their 262 in function, but it is different in a few ways. It is a bit stronger, cures faster, and has a lower viscosity. Loctite 271 is a high-strength adhesive rated for fasteners up to 1 “, rather than the 3/4” that the medium-strength 262 is rated for. They have the same effective temperature range,-65°F-300°F.

What Is the Process of Loctite?

Loctite and other threadlockers are anaerobic adhesives that are methacrylate-based. It is a single-component adhesive, unlike some other adhesives which use multiple components. It relies on electrochemical activity in the metal it binds to for the polymerizing effect that gives the desired strong bond.

Surfaces must be clean and completely free of residue or debris before use. Doing otherwise will risk the failure of your threadlocker. This is because the bond is dependent on the free exchange of electrochemical energy, and any build-up will interfere with that process, weakening the bond significantly. Always clean your threads meticulously before applying either Loctite 262 or 271.

Can You Use Either One?

You come to the aisle of the parts store with all the adhesives and locate the threadlocker section. You’re looking for high strength, the red one. You see two different red types of Loctite in stock-262 and 271. Does it matter which you pick?

Any application that calls for Loctite 262 will not be affected negatively by using 271. Since it has the same working heat range, you don’t have to worry about it failing at high heat. On the other hand, if your application calls for 271, it’s best to use it. Because of the higher strength and larger fastener rating, 262 can’t necessarily be safely used as a substitute.

If you decide to go with Loctite 271, you should be covered in any case. Choosing 262 is probably best if you know that it’s the recommended strength for your application, whereas 271 is a safer bet if you only know the size of the fastener and your desired working temperature.

Do They Cost the Same?

Both Loctite 262 and Loctite 271 cost about the same. For a 10ml bottle of threadlocker, you can expect to spend $13-$20 depending on where you purchase it from. You won’t likely save any money using one over another.

How Do the Different Colors of Threadlocker Differ?

You see a lot more colors of threadlocker available and wonder what the differences between them and the red one in your hand are. What are they used for, and how strong are they? What forms do they come in? Let’s take a look.

Different colors of threadlocker include:

  • Red: Red threadlocker is the highest strength, and requires heat to be removed. It comes in liquid and semi-solid formulations.
  • Blue: Blue threadlocker is a medium-strength adhesive, and can be removed with hand tools alone. It is available as a liquid, a semi-solid, and as an adhesive “tape” that locks threads quite well with minimal effort and no mess.
  • Green: Green threadlocker is rated as medium-high strength, is intended for wicking, and is made for use with preassembled fasteners. It is available in liquid form.
  • Purple: Purple threadlocker is a more versatile low-strength adhesive that can be used on aluminum, brass, and other softer metals, while the others are best suited for steel. It is available as a liquid as well.

Each has its own specialized use, but they share some similarities. They are all available as a liquid, and all cure fully within a 24-hour timeframe. They all cost about $15 on average and are available from a wide array of shops and suppliers.


Loctite 271 appears to be the best option.It’s a little better all around because it’s stronger.While both are methacrylate-based, 271 has a higher concentration and bonds more readily to metal fasteners like bolts and nuts. You should always clean your fasteners fully before applying a threadlocker to get the best out of it.

Know which color you need and the specs your use calls for. You may have a harder time finding 262 since many people prefer to use 271 for all red applications and it’s generally stocked in more places. If you prefer to use 262, many online sellers offer it at reasonable prices.