What Is the Customer Preferred Package 2TG?

The Customer Preferred Package offers optional equipment such as the 2TG option. 2TG refers to a Trailer Tow package that provides additional accessories meant to increase towing capacity. 

2TG package

The 2TG package stands for Trailer Tow Group. This package is a Customer Preferred Package that includes heavy duty suspension, a heavy duty cooling system, an auxiliary transmission cooler, a 7-and 4-pin wiring harness, a Class IV receiver hitch, a 180-amp alternator, and two 4-pin connector wiring.

The Class IV Receiver Hitch allows any Jeep with towing capacity to tow a camper. The heavy-duty engine cooling also helps maximize towing capacity. 

The add-ons included in this package differ. Therefore, this package will look different for each make and model of Jeep. For example, when you add this package to the Summit, Overland, Limited, and Laredo, it includes rear load-leveling suspension. 

Some features of the Trailer Tow Group package may be included in other packages, while other features are only available in the 2TG package. Because the features vary depending on make and model, you must check the build sheet for your vehicle to determine what features are included in your vehicle. 

The build sheet for your specific vehicle will tell you if this package is included in your vehicle. Find the build sheet for your specific make and model by searching for the VIN. This is the only sure way to know whether or not you have this package or not. It will also tell you the towing capacity of your specific make and model.

Trailer Tow Group

Before towing anything, make sure your vehicle is properly equipped.The vehicles in the Trailer Tow Group are equipped to tow up to 6,200 pounds. The Trailer Tow Group includes Altitude, Limited, Latitude, Latitude Plus, Trialhawk, and High Altitude. 

Getting the Trailer Tow Group package adds any features your vehicle is missing to maximize towing capacity.

Other features

The Jeep also offers other features to make towing easier and safer. These include: Trailer Sway Control, Hill Descent Control, Hill Start Assist, and Brembo Brake Systems.

Standard Towing Capacity

Towing capacity refers to the amount of weight your vehicle can tow. Your vehicle’s make and model will tell you how much it can tow. It is important to know your vehicle’s towing capacity before you attempt to tow anything. Exceeding towing capacity is dangerous and can cause an accident, not to mention damage to your vehicle.

All models not included in the Trailer Tow Group have a towing capacity of 907 kg, regardless of engine. Models equipped with the Trailer Tow Group have a 2,041 kg towing capacity.

All models of Jeep have engines that deliver a good amount of towing capacity. However, the more powerful your engine is, the more towing capacity your vehicle will have. Different models have different towing capacities even if they have the same engine. 

Any four-wheel-drive system will have a better towing capacity than a two-wheel-drive system. 


The Jeep is a stylish SUV that can ride over any terrain and has a large towing capacity. Adding the 2TG package – the Trailer Tow package – to your Jeep can maximize its towing capacity. The 2TG package comes with features such as engine cooling, a Class IV Receiver hitch, a 4-and 7-pin wiring harness. 

Other features included in Jeeps make towing safer. The Trailer Sway Control feature monitors your trailer and uses corrective braking, ensuring that the trailer continually lines up with your vehicle. The dashboard monitor also uses the rearview camera to display Trailer View, which shows you what is behind your vehicle. This removes blind spots and helps you hook up your trailer.

Other factors affect a vehicle’s towing capacity, including how powerful the engine is and if your vehicle is two-wheel or four-wheel drive. The Trailer Tow Group package maximizes towing capacity for any make or model of Jeep, but each make and model will have a different towing capacity because of the different engines and differences in weight.