8 Best motorcycle lift tables for Harley-Davidson

Many people understand the huge Harley-Davidson motorcycle lift table comes with everything an individual needs to lift a motorcycle.

Needless to say, the amount of weight that these motorcycle lift tables can support varies, but from what it supports, it exceeds the mark of 1,000 pounds.

Motorcycle lift tables with this much strength can perform quick repairs of any complexity in the coziest setting. A lift table for Harley-Davidson motorcycles that is small enough to be repaired can typically be expanded with extra extended sections. In this article, we will take a look at the best motorcycle lift table.

The 8 best motorcycle lift tables are below, let’s get into the article!

Black Widow BW Prolift HDXW Height: 31 inches
Max load: 1500 pounds
Weight: 235 pounds
Extreme Max 5001.5083Height: 35 inches
Max load: 300 pounds
Weight: 70 pounds
Black Widow BW-1000A-XL
Height: 33 inches
Max load: 1000 pounds
Max length: 14 inches
Titan Ramps Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Height: 34 inches
Max load: 1000 pounds
Weight: 293 pounds
Kendon Folding Stand Up ATV Motorcycle Table LiftDimension: 29 by 17 inches
Max load: 1000 pounds Weight: 185 pounds
AplusLift MT 1500X
Max load: 1500 pounds
Length: 110 inches.
Max width: 48 inches.
Steel sheet thickness: 1/8  
AplusLift MT 1500
Height: 33 inches
Max load: 1500 pounds
Max length: 128 inches
Max width: 24 inches  
RedLine TR 1500
Height: 31 inches
Max load: 1500 pounds
Weight: 235 pounds

1) Black Widow BW Prolift HDXW

This motorcycle lift table is a great lift table, advantageous and practical for raising a motorcycle. The maximum lift height of this wide table is about 31 inches. It is intended specifically for large cruise motorcycles and provides a carrying capacity of 1500 pounds.

The total work surface is about 105 by 48 inches in size. The table has a jack for the wheel and a unique lock. A pneumatic lift is a feature of the system, and it is controlled by a unique foot pedal.

The table’s bottom is equipped with little wheels that allow it to be easily moved about the garage or any other workspace.

The motorcycle lift table for Harley 20-inch loading inclined plane makes it comfortable for anyone to enter.

Front tires are stabilized by a hand-crank actuated wheel chock built in. It takes 90-110 PSI to operate the mechanism, which is controlled by a foot pedal.

As one of the best motorcycle lift table, the front rollers and dolly handle allows for quick movement around the shop or garage. The Black Widow BW Prolift HDXW is made of heavy-duty powder-coated allows steel construction.


  • It provides a jack for wheel repair made for a 1,500-pound load and comes in a wooden box.
  • Black Widow BW Prolift HDXW is of sturdy construction and has a durable finish.


  • Expensive to purchase


  • 90 to 110 pounds per square inch pressure pneumatic lift.
  • 31 inches maximum height.
  • 1500 pounds maximum load.
  • Measurements 105.5 by 48 inches.
  • Weight of the lift table: 235 lbs.
  • Table heights are locked by a manual eight-position safety latch bar. This foot-operated table has an air-over-hydraulic fluid that uses 90–110 psi of compressed air to raise the platform.
  • It also has a manual safety lock latch bar that keeps the raised platform in place while the lift table is in use.
  • A wheel stop, an inbuilt adjustable wheel clamp vise, and tie-down points hold the bike to the table. A wheel stop prevents the front tire from extending past the edge of the platform.
  • The movable wheel clamp/crank vise’s handle has a large knob for better grip. You can clip tie-down straps to the table’s two eyelets on either side to secure the bike in place.
  • Lift motorcycle wheels off the table and provide access to the rear drop panel. The included center jack adjusts from 4″ to 15″ high.

This highly developed hydraulic motorcycle lift table may serve several functions as is designed for large motorcycles and other vehicles.

This electric hydraulic lift table has a detachable rear drop-out panel, making it ideal to use for carrying and servicing motorcycles as well as for repairs, and working on wheels .

How is the front wheel fixed on this table?

With the use of a unique holder, the front wheel is locked. A protruding metal part supports the bike initially, and a mechanical clamp supports it on the opposite side.

The motorcycle is firmly fastened to the table in this manner.

2) Extreme Max 5001.5083

The most compact lifting platform for lightweight sports and street motorcycles such as Harley motorcycles has been developed by the producer of the Extreme Max platform. It contains safe clips and a rubberized mat.

An individual may easily raise this scissor lift to a very high position by using a specific pedal. The motorcycle is raised and held in the air by a small table surface.

Owning a dirt bike has taught me the value of having a solid lift table to go with it.

This hydraulic lift table greatly simplifies tasks, allowing you to spend less time in the garage and more time operating the throttle; whether it’s for periodic maintenance, an extensive engine overhaul, or simply a thorough cleaning after a long day of riding.

The reliable steel construction provides a steady lift table, and eye-catching red powder-coated finish guards against rust and corrosion to keep your lift looking and performing like new.


  • Because the hydraulic lift is so compact, it’s possible to lift the motorcycle higher than you can with other lifting platforms.
  • This scissor lift also has an anti-slip rubberized surface and a solid locking mechanism to keep the platform from falling.


  • Too high to get under a motorcycle


  • The lift table for Harley has a 300-pound weight restriction. The lift table height is approximately 35 inches at its highest point, which is greater than normal when compared to similar products from competing manufacturers.
  • 34.5 inches of lifting height
  • For street and sports motorcycles
  • Size: 16.25 by 13.25 inches
  • Approximately 70 pounds kit’s weight

The lifting capacity under consideration may be ideal for light motorbike owners to use for garage repairs. Its key benefits are convenience and compactness.

An individual may operate as safe and swiftly; thanks to the innovative fastener and height-fixing system.

Any side is a convenient way to approach your Harley Davidson motorcycles. You gain unrestricted access to every component of the bike and can go to work on repairs right away this way.

How can the motorcycle attach to the platform?

Quality clasps with straps are used to secure the motorcycle. There is no need for an additional device for this. Mounts are already included in the kit that is provided.

3) Black Widow BW-1000A-XL

A pneumatic lifting device is included with a motorcycle lift table called the Black Widow BW -1000A-XL. It can support a weight of up to 1,000 pounds, and with an enlarged table, this platform is relatively small.

The motorcycle lift table offers a useful window for working on the motorcycle’s lower part. Due to the addition of a scissor lift jack with a lifting height of 16 inches, the functionality of this lift table has increased.


  • A motorcycle lift table with scissor jacks that has a 14-inch-long extension and a convenient front wheel lock system.
  • Black Widow BW is small enough to fit in your garage.


  • Motorcycle lift table type: pneumatic
  • Hue black
  • Manufacturer’s name: Black Widow
  • The 1,000-lb capacity motorcycle lift table is ideal for helping with hassle-free maintenance, routine oil changes, and off-season storage at your downtown garage or shop.
  • It comes with a motorcycle scissor jack for the quick lifting of the front or rear wheel of your bike and a platform extension for a total length of 92-3/4″.
  • Made of enduring, powder-coated steel
  • Rear slide-down panel for quick wheel access
  • The minimum air pressure for a foot pedal-controlled lift is 90-100 psi.
  • Contains a motorbike jack, a front wheel clamp, a 25-5/8″ L loading ramp, a 14″ table extension, and more.
  • The platform has a max weight capacity of 1,000 lbs with dimensions of 7′ 8.75″ L x 24″ W x 8″ – 33″ H.
  • For garage maintenance, the elevator under consideration is ideal. It is also beneficial to use in a shop or an exhibition space. The lift height is sufficient for repairs. A sturdy steel alloy is used to construct the entire platform.

What is the 90-100 PSI?

This represents the minimum amount of force needed to elevate the table in pounds per square inch. The pneumatic mechanism’s pedal receives pressure from the foot pedal to raise the entire construction.

4) Titan Ramps Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

Any motorbike may be easily lifted for maintenance, exhibitions, workshops, or other reasons thanks to the Titan ramps motorcycle lift platform. These hydraulic lifts raise the platform holding the motorcycle to eye level or higher, allowing simple access to the motorcycle’s repairable parts.

Titan ramps motorcycle is less likely to slip or drift away thanks to a particular coating on the table.

Despite its diminutive size, this lifting table can support heavy weights. It stands 34 inches off the ground. The working platform is somewhat more than 21 inches wide and 81 inches long. The entrance’s sloped surface is rather long.

The wheel replacement or repair process is made as simple as possible thanks to the repair table’s removable panel, which allows access to any lower part of the motorcycle or the wheels.

The bike can be safely attached to the Titan ramp’s hydraulic lift tables for a diagnostic or repair process using a conventional front-wheel lock.

This heavy-duty steel construction is made of 11 gauge steel. The plate may be one of the toughest lifts on the market. Each of these high-power platform ramps is strong in addition to contributing to garage space conservation.


  • The platform has wheels that allow for easy movement.
  • It also features a small, versatile lifting system with two pedals for a 1,000-pound load and 293 pounds total for the table.


  • Needs more tie-down positions


  • This hydraulic pump makes motorcycle maintenance and repair convenient by saving time and effort. You may perform delicate repairs on your motorcycle without straining your neck by loading and lifting it to eye level or higher.
  • This hydraulic motorcycle lift table includes the dual pedal system and the drop panel approach to make it simple to load your bike onto the ramp.
  • This is a very functional and convenient platform for repairs. It is equipped with two pedals and a hydraulic motorcycle lift that allows you to raise the motorcycle high enough. One pedal works to lift, the other pedal is to lower the platform.
  • Rear drop panel and a front-wheel clamp with a safety locking bar.

Titan ramps are covered with diamond-plate for traction and to prevent sliding. To lock the bike to the ramp while working on it, they also provide access to straps.

When working on the best motorcycle lift tables, whether in a professional mechanic shop or your garage at home, it is simple to protect yourself, thanks to these safety features!

An individual can effortlessly lift their bike with the strong 11-gauge steel design and large weight capacity. This table is one of the most compact and functional offers in the market.

Will the platform need further installation before use?

No, the platform does not need further installation before use.

Performing easy assembling while following detailed instructions is crucial. No extra installation may be needed for the lifting platform. It may come entirely assembled and ready to use.

5) Kendon Folding Stand Up ATV Motorcycle Table Lift

The Kendon Folding Stand-up ATV motorcycle table lift is very different from other lift tables because of the brilliant design that comes with wheels attached to its bottom, making movement very convenient and prompt.

It has a foldable platform and has a very compact size when being set up. There are safety features that help users save space.

It is strong enough to carry items as heavy as 1000 pounds, which makes the lift table very functional. When set up, its dimension is 29 by 17 inches. The parts are removable and help users load up the motorcycles easily.

The Kendon table lift has Hydraulic features which help design its move in the platform when suspended in the air, without any hassle. This table lift weighs 185 pounds. This should be a top pick if you are considering owning a table lift.


  • The foldable feature makes it a very compact size.
  • Its authentic fastening feature makes it very reliable and durable as well.
  • Ability to hold up heavy items.
  • Enables quick repairs.
  • Ensures safety as the lift becomes motionless.


  • The lift type is a hydraulic motorcycle lift
  • Manufacturer: KenDon Stand-up Trailers & Lifts
  • Load: 1000 pounds
  • Weight: 185 pounds

Can I expose this lift table to water by washing my motorcycle on it?

Yes, you can. Water does not affect your lift table, and it is safe to wash your motorcycle on it without panic. Your dirt bikes can be washed on them.

6) AplusLift MT 1500X

The AplusLift MT1500X is considered one of the largest table lifts. Compared to other lifts, The AplusLift can withstand a pressure of 1,500 pounds. Several compartments give it a more technical look.

The slope entrance is 20 inches and the platform itself is a total of 128 inches.

Unlike other foldable lifts, the AplusLift MT 1500X comes with a scissor jack that helps lift the motorcycle as high as 15 inches and is firm enough to hold about 1000-pound objects. It comes in black with orange detailing.

AplusLift is a very suitable and resourceful pick.


  • Widest lift table in the motorcycle market.
  • Comes with free shipping and is a good way to cut costs.
  • Very convenient.
  • Comes with a small jack, unlike most lifting tables.


  • Color: black with orange.
  • Length: 110 inches.
  • Steel sheet thickness: 1/8.
  • Maximum width: 48 inches.
  • Manufacturer: Songa Enterprises.

What is the maximum dimension of this table?

When amassed in a compact shape, the maximum dimension is 84 inches by 24 inches. Usually sufficient to securely and helpfully stack a small bike onto the stage.

7) AplusLift MT 1500

Apluslift MT1500 is manufactured by Songa Enterprises. This lift table for Harley can lift extremely heavy items as its maximum weight capacity is 1500 pounds compared to most lifts. It comes with a small jack.

It has everything needed for a proper repair, and its foldable nature makes it compact. The length of the surface ranges from 84 to 110 inches due to its additional parts.

It can be raised as high as 33 inches, which helps make repairs more convenient for the user. If it still needs to be lifted higher, a jack can lift the bike 15 inches higher.

The Apluslift MT 1500 is very suitable for repairs of big bikes. It has very effective fasteners, ensuring the lift doesn’t move when in use.


  • Possess an anti-slip coating which serves as a safety measure.
  • Provides a small jack that helps with extra lifting.


  • 24″ width motorcycle lift table


  • Color: black with orange
  • Inclined surface length for the entry: 20 inches
  • Max length: 128 inches
  • Max lifting height: 33 inches
  • Max width: 24 inches
  • Manufacturer: Songa Enterprises

Is AplusLift MT 1500 a pneumatic lifting system?

Yes, AplusLift MT 1500 is a pneumatic lifting system.

A pneumatic pump is utilized to lift the platform. So, you’ll require an uncommon compressor that can grant a weight of 110 PSI.

8) RedLine TR 1500

The Redline TR1500 is an operative collapsible table which is manufactured by the Redline Company.

This table is used to lift motorcycles that comprise removable compartments which enable the user to access various parts of the automobile. It comes in black with red detailing.


  • The Redline lift table has a sizable surface, making it accommodate various sizes.
  • The strong hydraulic mechanism makes it strong to lift heavy items.
  • The Redline lift has 6 fixing positions.
  • High durability makes it a good choice for buyers.


  • Color: black with red
  • Max lift height: 46 inches
  • Weight: 716 pounds
  • Max load 1500 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Redline

What is the size of the loading section for entering the RedLine TR 1500 for a motorcycle?

The size is about 25 inches long and 63 inches wide. Enough to load a tricycle to the lift.


When choosing the most excellent lifting table for a bike, you ought to continuously pay attention to its measure and capacity to resist overwhelming weight.

All the checked-on stages can withstand up to 1000 pounds of weight, which is sufficient to lift the biggest bike indeed.

The working surfaces vary altogether in measure, and here you can choose how compact or expansive a lifting development you can bear to have in your store.

Question & Answer

Where are Weaver motorcycle lifts made?

Weaver motorcycles are produced by Vehicle Service Group, a company of the Dover Corporation based in the United States of America.
They are one of the fore players in the global market scene. Vehicle Service Group has hubs in Germany, Italy, the United States of America, and Indiana.
The company maintains full autonomy in designs, production, testing, and quality control.
This makes their lifts very trustworthy and gives buyers a sense of confidence because what is being produced is made of top quality.

How much weight can a motorcycle jack lift?

A motorcycle jack can hold up items as heavy as 1000 pounds.
This is mostly used when the user wants to increase the height of the lift. The jack takes it 15 inches higher than it originally was.

What’s the best motorcycle lift table?

Best lift tables are numerous high-quality options for motorcycle lift tables, each to suit a user’s specific need.
These motorcycle lift tables enable you to lift a motorcycle, the e as high as 33 inches.
For users looking for lift tables with very large surfaces and strongly built tables, the best motorcycle lift table is tabled by Black Widow and Sonja enterprises.

How do you lift a Harley-Davidson?

To lift a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, use a compact lifting table like the Kendon Folding Stand-up ATV. Use a special tilted surface, so the bike can move on a low platform.
After successfully doing this, use a clamp to hold down the front wheel.
You can then begin to lift the platform using the pedal.

Can you lift a motorcycle by hand?

No, regardless of the physical appearance of a motorcycle, motorcycles usually weigh a lot.
Lifting the bike by hand can cause severe injuries to the back, waist, and spine. It can as well cause damage to the bike if it drops.
However, if that is the only option, getting assistance from one or two people might work.

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