Best steering rack grease. Detailed step-by-step overview

The steering rack greases are an essential detail of the steering rack that provides optimal functioning and makes it serve longer. In this article, we will discuss which steering rack grease is better.

Best steering rack grease

When should you grease the steering rack?

  • If the steering rack does not have power steering, usually you need to lubricate it when you notice that turning the steering wheel becomes more difficult than before.
  • A squeaking noise when turning the steering wheel is one of the most common symptoms of worn-out grease.

What characteristics should quality lubricant have?

Here, we have listed the requirements for steering rack lubricants:

  • Protection of metal surfaces from corrosion. A good steering rack lubricant must protect working surfaces from deterioration.
  • It should be damaging to the details of your steering rack. It is highly important for a steering rack, that has rubber seals to withstand working pressure.
  • High-quality lubricant should also be able to operate at high and low temperatures. Moreover, it should have constant viscosity and be rub-resistant. We need a lubricant that will not change its properties at high and low temperatures, like not freezing at low temperatures.
  • The level of adhesion should not change. This also applies to both the temperature regime and the value of the relative humidity of the ambient air.

We kindly encourage you to buy specialized grease for your car.

The steering rack greases, which will be better for the steering rack lubrication

  • Calcium or graphite
  • Complex calcium grease
  • Sodium and calcium-sodium
  • Copper
  • Barium and hydrocarbon
  • Lithium greases

Which steering rack lubricant brands are the best

Here, we will introduce some information about the best steering rack grease brands.

Quick Summary

  1. Permatex 81343-12PK Anti-Seize Lubricant, 1 oz. Tube (Pack of 12). Liquid Volume: 1 fluid ounce. Item weight: 0.9 pounds.
  2. Dow Corning Molykote EM-30L Synthetic Grease Lubricant, 1 oz. Container. Liquid volume: 1 fluid ounce. Item weight: 0.09 pounds.
  3. Lucas Oil 10027-Pk1 Red ‘N’ Tacky Grease 35 Lb. Package Dimensions: 11.13 L x 9.75 H x 13.88 W (inches). Package weight: 30 pounds. Country of origin: United States. Fit type: Vehicle Specific.
  4. Mobil Mobilgrease XHP 221 Premium Lubricating Grease [10 Cartridge Case]. Product Dimensions: ‎ 12 x 6 x 12 inches. Liquid Volume: 14 fluid ounces. Item Weight: 12 pounds.

Recommended uses for a product: Industrial.

Pros and cons of different steering rack grease brands


  • Permatex. This one is high-quality steering rack grease that is widely used in the car industry. It works well with corrosion and seizing. It also has a wide temperature range. It is operational from -60 °F to 1600 °F.
  • Dow Corning Molykote. This is one of the most effective greases for steering rack lubrication. It is a lithium soap-based synthetic, frost and heat-resistant to heavy-duty grease.
  • Lucas Oil is one of the best greases on the market, specially designed for heavy equipment, and it does its job very well.
  • Mobil Mobilgrease is one of the high-quality grease widely used for severe operating conditions.

It provides excellent adhesion and works in high temperatures and is water-resistant.


  • Permatex. The only disadvantage is that it may require an adapter or converter for use at your destination.
  • Dow Corning Molykote. The main disadvantage is the more narrow temperature range in comparison to others.
  • Lucas Oil. The main disadvantage of this grease is its very high price.
  • Mobil Mobilgrease. The only disadvantage is that it is less versatile than other steering rack lubricants.


To sum up everything, we want to say that the information, we performed will help you to choose the best grease for your steering rack, which provide a longer lifespan of the steering racks like Permatex Anti-Seize lubricant or Dow Corning Molykote.

Frequent questions

Should you grease the steering rack?

Yes, especially when there is a problem with turning the steering wheel.

What kind of grease goes in a rack and pinion?

The one that protects the metal from corrosion.

What type of lubricant is used on a power steering system?

The one that does not damage metal details and rubber seals of steering racks, to withstand working pressure.

What should steering linkage joints be lubricated with?

The ones that are both the temperature regime flexible, and flexible to the value of the relative humidity of the ambient air have constant viscosity.

What type of grease is used for rack and pinion?

Permatex could be suitable for that.

What kind of lubricant is used in steering box systems?

We need specialized grease to lubricate the steering box systems. Since liquids are not suitable for that.

Does power steering fluid lubricate steering rack?

There is not enough of it to lubricate the rack.