Eaton HO52 vs HO72: Which Is Better?

The HO72 bolt is a newer version of the HO52 bolt. The difference between the two bolts is that the HO72 has a larger head that allows for easier installation, removal, and adjustment.

The HO52 bolt was introduced in 1975 and became popular because it was designed to be compatible with all car models from 1970-1980. It was also made to be compatible with engines up to 3 liters in size.

The HO52 bolt is no longer being produced as it’s been replaced by the HO72 bolt, which is more efficient and easier to install, remove, and adjust than its predecessor.

Is posi the same as limited slip?

Limited-slip differentials (LSD) are the most common type of differential in cars. They allow the driver to choose what gear they want to use during a turn or when accelerating from a stop.

Limited-slip differentials are also called “posi” differentials because they use a small, positive locking mechanism called a “posi” unit that allows the driver to select between two gears at any time.

How can you tell if a 12 bolt is posi?

The HO52 and HO72 bolts are used in the manufacturing of vehicles. These bolts are used for 12-bolt wheels on both cars and trucks. The bolt is threaded on one end with a round head and a square head on the other end.

The round head is placed in the hole where the axle will be inserted, while the square head is placed in a hole that will be tapped into place after it has been installed. It’s important to identify which type of bolt you need to determine if it’s posi or not.

There are two types of 12-bolt wheels: posi and non-posi. If you have only one type of wheel, then you know it’s a posi set up because they come with an Eaton HO52 or HO72 bolt already.

What is an Eaton Posi?

An Eaton posi is a type of bolt used in automotive maintenance. It is a screw-threaded fastener with a square head on one end and a round head on the other.

Eaton Posi bolts are commonly used in car manufacturing to secure metal parts or fasten them to the frame. They are also used to secure rubber parts or hold metal components during assembly.

The term “posi” comes from the word “positive,” which means that it has an opening at one end and a threaded surface on the other, unlike some types of screws that have their threaded surfaces facing each other.

What is a posi-trac limited slip differential?

A posi-trac limited slip differential is designed to provide traction in the event of a wheel losing traction. It is used on most passenger cars and light trucks.

A posi-trac limited slip differential, also known as P-LSD, is a type of automatic transmission differential gear. It has two helical gears that are offset from each other and can lock together to provide torque to the wheels with traction.

How do you know if you have positraction?

Positraction is a feature that helps the vehicle stay in a straight line without slipping or skidding. The car uses friction between the tires and the road to remain in place.

It’s important to understand what positraction is and how it works so you can find out if your car has it.

What is the difference between a locker and a posi?

A locker is a storage space for a car. It is usually located in the garage or attached to the home. A posi is a car with an automatic transmission.

Does Ford have Positraction?

The answer is yes. The HO52 and HO72 bolts are both in use on Ford vehicles.

Positraction is a type of differential gear that allows the wheels to turn at different speeds when turning corners. It was originally developed by Eaton in the 1930s and has been used in various cars ever since.

This is because positraction allows the car to turn more easily, especially when cornering, which makes it safer for drivers and passengers alike.

What’s better, a 10-bolt or 12-bolt rear end?

What’s better, a 10-bolt or 12-bolt rear end?

Both 10-bolt and 12-bolt rear ends are used on vehicles. The main difference between the two is the number of lugs per wheel. The number of lugs per wheel on a 10-bolt is 10, while the 12-bolt has 12. Because there are more lugs, the 12-bolt can handle more torque than a 10-bolt.

While it depends on what you need, most people would recommend going with a larger number of bolts because they will have more strength and durability in comparison to a smaller number of bolts.

How much does an Eaton posi unit cost?

A posi-unit is a device that controls the height of the vehicle’s suspension. It is typically made up of an engine, transmission, and drive shaft.

A bolt-on Eaton HO52 posi unit costs around $2,000, while a bolt-on Eaton HO72 posi unit costs around $3,000.