What Is a Ford Field Service Action?

Ford Field Service Actions are either part of a Recall Program or a Customer Satisfaction Program, such as warranty extensions. Most people who receive a Ford Field Service Action are being informed as part of a Customer Satisfaction Program.

Ford Field Service Actions

If you have received a Ford Field Service Action (FSA), you may be confused as to what it means. In some cases, a Ford Field Service Action can mean that part of your vehicle has been recalled.

More likely, you have received a Ford Field Service Action because of the Customer Satisfaction Program. People most often receive one of these actions because of a warranty extension. If you are receiving a Field Service Action as part of the Customer Satisfaction Program, you don’t have to do anything with your vehicle, and you can ignore the action completely.

Since Ford Field Service Action can mean two different things, it’s important to learn the reason behind your action. The notice should be very explicit about why you are receiving this action.

Even though it is confusing that both of these programs can fall under the title Ford Field Service Action, the naming does make sense. Both of these programs apply to your automobile’s field services, whether the service is needed because of a recall or an optional upgrade.

Different Types Of FSAs

As we learned above, there are two main types of FSAs: Recall Programs and Customer Satisfaction Programs. Let’s take a look at both of these programs in more detail so you can understand which one your action falls under and what it means.

Recall Programs

So that Ford drivers do not automatically panic when they see the word recall on the action, Ford calls their Recall Programs Field Service Actions. These sorts of actions are mandatory recalls.

Recalls will be put in place whenever a safety, emissions, or compliance issue is picked up. These recalls will be specific to your vehicle’s VIN. There are no expiration dates for safety and compliance recalls, but there may be recall expiration dates for emission recalls, though they’re often not.

Aside from getting a Field Service Action, you can also find out if your vehicle is included in a recall by visiting the Ford website and entering your vehicle’s VIN. Using the Ford app or contacting a local Ford dealer can also give you tips for learning if your Ford is under recall and what to do about it.

Customer Satisfaction Programs

Although Recall Programs can be a bit scary, Customer Satisfaction Programs are not scary, but they can be a bit annoying to some customers. Customer Satisfaction Programs are sometimes called Field Service Actions, though they are called this less frequently than the Recall Programs.

Customer Satisfaction Programs most often relate to some sort of a component upgrade or an extension of a warranty that already exists. Like Recall Programs, Customer Satisfaction Programs will be specific to your VIN, but time and mileage limitations apply.

If you get a Field Service Action that falls under a Customer Satisfaction Program and are not interested in what Ford is selling, you can ignore the action. Just because there is an upgraded component does not mean the component in your car or vehicle is faulty or unsafe any longer.


Do I have to pay for a Ford Field Service Action Recall repair?

If your Ford Field Service Action relates to a Recall Program, you will not have to pay for the repair. Ford will repair the recalled component. If you paid for a component repair that was later recalled, you can get a refund for that repair. However, the repair must have been done before the recall letter was mailed.

Do Customer Satisfaction Programs expire?

Yes. Individual Customer Satisfaction Programs will come with expiration dates and limitations. Read in detail about the components relevant to you to find out when the Customer Satisfaction Program expires or if there are any limitations on it.

Can I be removed from the recall mailing list?

The law requires Ford to mail out recall letters to the vehicle’s last known registered owner. If you are still listed as the owner of the vehicle, you will continue to receive recall notices. If you do not own the vehicle anymore, you can go to your local department of motor vehicles to update the registration records and no longer receive recall notifications.


Ford Field Service Actions mean that a component in your vehicle is recalled, available for update, or available for an extended warranty. It is important to read the Field Service Action thoroughly to find out why you are receiving the action. If the action belongs within the Recall Program, it’s important to act responsibly by going to your local Ford dealer to have the issue fixed.